MSHEQ empowers you to choose a way to achieve compliance that meets your budget. You can choose classroom training or carry out individual training for each of your employees.

We employ only the best, highest qualified facilitators, delivering classroom training courses. Each trainer is professionally trained and experienced to provide you with services that delivers informative and enjoyable training but more importantly making the subject matter easy to understand. We also keep the content fresh and lively to deliver a better knowledge retention rate. We believe in interactive and visual learning.

Our Values

To create a state of mind or awareness which promotes the responsibility of safety throughout every company, from employees to employers.

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for site employees.
  • Prevent accidents and accident-related costs.
  • Prevent occupational illnesses, injuries to personnel, and damage to equipment and property.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Provide access to medical services and fire and security protection.
  • Interpret and guide the application of current safety rules, regulations and codes governing the construction industry.
  • Ensure that Employees & Contractors are actively involved in project safety programs, and that they are in 100% compliance with all safety requirements.
  • Ensure that consideration of safety is included in all plans, studies, schedules and cost estimates.
  • Ensure a drug and alcohol free work place. Alcohol random testing is done on site. Periodical searches are conducted for other drug related substances.
  • Personnel development and skills development for all employees, visitors and students.

MSHEQ’s mission is to establish a culture of safety for all personnel involved on all the sites through relevant training that are of the highest quality and adhere to SETA requirements.

MSHEQ makes the following commitments to training that:

  • QCTO, SAQA and SETA requirements are met.
  • Training delivery will be quality assured on a regular basis as per the Quality Management Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensures all processes will be duly followed and in place in terms of bookings, registrations, materials and assessments.
  • Learners will be provided with fair opportunities to perform, accelerate and succeed with the support and guidance offered as much as possible.
  • Ensures a continual process of improvement through the process of learner feedback, facilitator input, assessor and moderator consulting, quality measurement, quality review and management.

Our strategy is simple: Consistantly providing high service levels by ensuring continual updates with South African legislation, translating compliance in an easy-to-understand method and clear communication with clients and their employees, whether consulting, training or implementing of systems.