About Food Safety

The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (the CPA) is the first act in South Africa aimed at providing comprehensive protection to consumers. The CPA equips consumers with nine fundamental rights and clearly defines their responsibilities of suppliers of goods or services.

‘Supplier’ means a person who markets any goods or services. ‘Goods’ include anything marketed for human consumption. Thus, subject to certain exceptions, on a day-to-day basis, your business’s interactions and transactions with consumers will be subject to the provisions of the CPA.

Important Provisions Of The CPA

It is important to remember when considering the specific provisions of the CPA that its primary objective is to protect the interests and safeguard the rights of consumers. Provision is made for the following consumer rights in the CPA:

  • The right to equality in the consumer market
  • The right to privacy
  • The right to choose
  • The right to disclosure and information
  • The right to fair and responsible marketing
  • The right to fair and honest dealing
  • The right to fair, just and reasonable terms and conditions
  • The right to fair value, good quality and safety and the supplier’s accountability to consumers.

What Harm Can A Person Be Liable For?

Harm for which a person may be held liable under the CPA includes the death of, or injury to, any natural person. In example, claims for liability could arise from consumers having allergic reactions to ingredients of which the consumer was not adequately warned, the use of foreign objects in food products and food poisoning.

How Can MSHEQ Assist?

Being one of our specialities, MSHEQ assists with the implementation of an Occupational Heath & Safety management system as well as food safety management systems We can implement quality and food safety management systems such as Global G.A.P.®, HACCP and ISO 22000® / FSSC 22 000.

We furthermore work with existing systems, conducting GAP analyses and pre-audits, recommending and assisting your management team to streamline, consolidate, simplify and improve your quality and food safety management system. Food Safety Management Systems will be done to your business’s unique and specific needs, ensuring the system is compliant and on standard.

To view the scope of projects available, please be sure to download our Food Safety brochure below.


Food Safety Services

Food Safety Courses

Food Safety Courses

MSHEQ is proud to be an accredited training provider for the MERSETA, TETA, HWSETA, Services Seta, CETA and FoodBev SETA – Leaders in closing the skills gap.

Food Safety Audits

Food Safety Audits

Audit report data is used to help select suppliers, demonstrate due diligence for customers or validate internal policies and procedures.

Agricultural Systems

Agricultural Systems

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) are ways that assist produce growers to keep produce as clean as possible and prevent contamination during harvest.